Graceland Family Residences

Graceland Family Residence

Growing up in a city can be tough, we know that and no one wants their children to face unnecessary stress from commuting and living worries when all it takes is some planning to avoid them. Why sit in traffic jams or face the hustle and bustle when that time could be better spent enjoying family life and leisure activities? Who wants their children to be stuck in traffic jams on the way to and from school, getting home late, or living in less desirable environment?

That’s where the concept of Graceland Family Residences began – with the developer’s vision of having a safe, encouraging, comfortable, and spacious environment for their 3 children to prosper in: a home away from home, near a range of international schools including Grace International School’s new campus. There will be dedicated bike lanes and foot paths to ensure children have the most convenient, comfortable and safe accessibility within the project and to the new campus. With up to 5 bedrooms and living and recreational spaces designed to maximize a true family lifestyle, Graceland Family Residences falls in line with Namthong Group’s central goal of delivering quality community living and family lifestyle with convenience; bringing you bliss, harmony, delight and comfort. Or as we call it, fruitful living.

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